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Shelly Leatherman, who?

Shelly Leatherman (formerly known as Skylo), a true Southern girl from Western NC and East TN, with a keen ear that tunes the sounds of tomorrow (literally as a producer, songwriter and engineer), yet vocals that clearly channel a range of sounds never heard before.  with her sultry, smooth tone & angelic voice, Her range extends pure soul with power vocals and strength that's sure to echo on for generations to come.  She's mastered the art of songwriting by working with the greats of our time. Starting her career in an RnB band, formerly performing classic hits from female power vocalists, and moving onto an all original Rock band later where she pinned the songs as a songwriter, along with a short stint as a christian band.  She still loved dance music while in the bands and recorded solo dance tracks outside of her 5 piece ensemble. That said, she's garnered a sound that encapsulates a versatile range of genres which really stands out as a beacon among the crowd. 


Whether it be Singing, Songwriting, Performing Live, or lending her unforgettable voice to TV Voiceovers and Radio Stations that can be heard in over 100 countries worldwide (for stations such as Ultra Music Festivals UMF Radio), it’s clear she’s in the right arenas working in Nashville's famed "music city" where she's growing her roots deeper each year.  She’s been Writing, Recording and Producing for bands and Music Artist from all over the globe for over a decade, many you've likely heard of.  Currently, she's stepping forward as an artist in her own right, and growing her repertoire as a singer/songwriter with an extensive songwriting catalog, as that's the one skill she just can't turn off.


She's a spitfire who's built a solid platform on decades of industry wisdom, relations and growth.  All while consistently serving her communities with the utmost dedication to her philanthropy work in Human Trafficking & Child Exploitation Prevention, in which she focuses directly with Governors, Senators and House of Reps to resolve current issues by protecting women and children from abuse.  This multi-talented powerhouse has already earned a long list of professional credits while her resume continues to grow like wildfire, as nothing can extinguish her constant flame with music.  Shelly's most recent project will be far difficult to ignore, including a Country/EDM/Rock influenced band and full album with some of the most legendary musicians in the world, presenting Nashville's finest musicians. 


Whether it’s behind the Mic, behind the mixing board, behind the camera or in front of the camera, she IS the light, the camera & ALL the action.  Don’t miss her latest release “Hangin' Out In Nashville” on all digital download stores worldwide.  Stay tuned, there’s hundreds more tunes she’s written and endless artistic talent to follow. From launching White Horse Entertainment, Shelly continues to compose, create, innovate, and spread a Musical fire that is sure to engulf those who love great songs!  Be sure to stay connected with her on social media and follow on your favorite music streaming platforms for New Music and upcoming events.



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Times have changed for Shelly and the reviews are telling it all!


"Christmas Won't Be Christmas Without You"

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