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Looking Like California - Shelly Leather

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"Looking like California"

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A profound voice (with a touch of twang) you’ll hear echoing throughout our generation, whether Music, Radio, TV or Film.  Her work ethic is no doubt hurling her into the most promising future.

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Who is Shelly Leatherman?

Currently based in Nashville, TN working with the Music Industry Pro’s on a daily basis, and ready to unleash collaborations with pure legendary musical geniuses on her upcoming album.  She’ll be bringing the classics, fueled on decades of experience behind the scenes.  She's propelling to the forefront of the music scene as an Artist, and it's been long overdue. 

​​Her songwriting is one of substance.  Her vocals channel lasting melodies that won’t easily be forgotten.  With a voice so distinct and memorable, it’s no wonder she’s an internationally recognized Voiceover.  She's currently Hostess of @MicCheck.TV (airing soon) and a powerful storyteller who loves dedicating her time empowering others as an Inspirational Speaker and Artist Development/Music Business Coach & Consultant. 


She’s a staple at all your favorite Legendary Recording Studios and has been for over a decade, but her voice in itself is #Legendary! Bursting at the seams with hundreds of Country tunes she’s written, and a voice so powerful, it can no longer be ignored.  Expect her first Country Solo Single just around the corner, "Looking Like California!"